domenica 18 gennaio 2015

Erotic Fantasy 2 :Provocation!

I open the door of your office...I have a pen and documents in my hands... you're
reading some papers... Wow you look like so good... You smile me ...my heart is jumping so fast! I try to take control of my emotions....it's not so easy!

  My body desire you so much....I've learned with what lust really means! it's more o less stop to think with mind for thinking with pussy...and in head only there are a lot nice wonderful hot sex immagines.... I take a deeeeeeeeeep breath for take control myself....your wonderful deep eyes makes me crazy... and your sensual lips make me lost my mind!

 I look at you with a lot malice almost as if I want to eat you... I put a pen on my lips and I start to caress so slowly then...trying to think your tongue on my lips .... after I open my lips and begin to play with my tongue with the top of the pen! I do it with an immense desire for a while...thinking about your
tongue...your cock! after a bit of play I go to you ...

 but in the middle of way my pen falls to the ground .. so I bow down for taking my pen .. my miniskirt gets up enough...so you find out I wear a thong ... with an inscription: Angel ... but believe me in this moment I want to be a naughty woman!
I turn my head to see if you're watching me ... and I catch you .. but once you take away your look ..

I take the pen and I go next to you ...I put my arm on your desk ... SURPRISE ...under the deep neckline of my blouse There isn't BRA!
You look at me and smile ... how to say ... are you a naugthy?
I tell you that you have to sign these documents .. so while I give you the pen ...the pen get down by accident .. the pen falls between your thighs .. its next to your cock 
so I bow for take it ...but while i was taking the pen i almost touch your cock .. it like a caress! I am so excited ..so while I'm trying to give you the pen...it gets down again next to your cock ..
I get red .. but I try to take it again ...while I'm taking the pen next to your cock ..almost touching it .. I get a lot of beautiful hot and sinful thoughts .... so when I try to give you the pen ..I get distracted and the pen falls again! 
You look at me as if I do it on purpose I tell you, excuse me I put too much cream in my hands before I came here that the pen slipped .. maybe I should change the cream for hands .. this cream is not absorbed immediately!
Although I think..its not the cream...its you that make me crazy and make lost my mind!
After you sign the papers .. I'm going to put them in the drawers and while I do that...I feel your presence behind me ... your perfume makes me go crazy .. I feel your breath behind me.. .. that makes me shivers .. I try to control my emotions ...
I do not know if you do it on purpose ... as if you want to punish me for having been a little naughty... 
I would like to turn aroung and hug you..feel your body...lose myself in your mouth......lose myself in the paraside of pleasure of your body ...I am trying to control my emotion...believe me its no so easy! I take deep breath...your presence so close to me...that make me so exciting...make so wet! 

 I don't know if you enjoy to watch my reaction...But if you wanted me get so excited and nervous...YOU GOT IT! the only thing that stops me to take you it's that I do not know if you like me or not like me .. certain that if I know that you like me ... I turned around and jump on you ..and I will fuck you I don't care where ... on your desk .... on the ground ... 

  You ask me with a very sensual voice in my ear: Do you want to go disco with me tonight? I am so exciting for your invitation...so I tell you : YES!

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