domenica 18 gennaio 2015

Erotic Fantasy 3: A hot latin night!

So we're going to the disco ... I am so nervous and so excited....I don't know how much i could take control of myself....inside me there is a so big desire of you!...In my mind there a lot naughty thoughts....my hormones are burning with desire for you... and my pussy...is so wet!

 Wow! You look so divine tonight.. you are the temptation in person! I look at you and it feels like paradise Got me feeling like I’m flying, like I’m out of space Your sensual lips make me crazy and something about your body says come and take me.

  I have an uncontrollable desire to hug you...kiss you...losing myself in the paradise of the pleasure of your body... but I don't know if you like me! Its not easy take a big breath for take control myself...and come back to reality!  

There are various types of music in disco: pop, house and Latin music we try to do something crazy than we've never done before ... we decided to dance Latin music

Even if I am Latin American woman ...I don't know how to dance salsa! I like salsa because it will be able to feel your hands when you touch my hands ....it
will be able to feel your arms around me ... and this excites me so much!  

So we started to dance ...while we'are dancing At one time I make a wrong step and fall on you .. mmm ... What a nice feeling is when i feel your chest so close to me... your perfume ... I wouldn't never like separate from you.... I like to feel your body ...the smell of your skin You look at me like saying :what happen? so I separate from you and we start to dance again

  We continue to dance ... a turn and another turn and again I'm wrong and fall on of you .. again my body on you...feeling your body.... I love your perfume . the idea of feeling your skin on my skin excites me so much ... make me crazy! I am burning of desire fuck you in this moment ... you make me crazy darling........you make me lost my mind .. feeling your body ....I would like to last forever these moments Its so hard to separate from you...But I feel your eyes on me... so I get up and we continue dancing ... 
one step after another and another twist ... ... until I'm wrong again and fall back into your chest ... again so close to you ... I would like to hug you... kiss you with this immense passion than i feel for you.

  I would like fucking you while we try to to dance! feeling all over your body to the rhythm of my music Your body and mine filling up the emptiness...up and down...down and up Baby you turn me on... your anatomy and your chemistry drives me crazy It's impossibile control this wild uncontrollable passion for you! I would like to stop this moment forever ... .

 the problem is you're looking at me ... like saying you're doing it on purpose? So I immediately separate from you .. I would not remove the doubt!  

So we decided to drink something ..I took a not alcoholic drink.For me it is already difficult to control my emotions ... I don't want imagine what it could happen if I got drunk!

 After we decided to dance pop dance music .. You are infront to me ... very close ... you're like an Adonis There is a very sensual song...very hot... I look at your eyes ... Your eyes make me crazy I put my tongue on my lips and caress them so slowly while I looking at your wonderful sensual lips.... trying to imagine how it could be the taste of your mouth! I am burning of the desire to know it! ... Even if only for a moment! After I put my hand on my neck .. caressing it slowly ... wishing with all my heart it was your hand caressing me ..

 Gradually my hand get down on my chest and caress it very discreetly ... I would like feeling your hands on my body ... you could feel as my body is burning of desire you fuck it!

 I get down my hand so slowly on my hips, which ones do very sensually to the rhythm of music .. I open discreetly the zip that it's in the minikirt on the right side on my thigh ...

I put my hand inside (my skirt) and began to make sensual movements with my hips.. I would wish that my hand was your hand in this moment more than ever!! I'm so hot Baby...You make me crazy just to see you... I take your hands and I'll take you away with me ...


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