domenica 18 gennaio 2015

Erotic Fantasy 4: A hot game!

I ask you if you like to make a game..it's so easy to do it... You tell me its ok .

You are infront of me...I can't see you because I have a band in my eyes and you have one too. 

I must to take your clothes off and you must to take my clothes off.

 My heart is beating so fast....my desire for you grow up more and more every minute....I would like to touch all your body....licking every centimeter of your skin....losing myself in your body's smell... oh yesss....

I would like know the taste of your wonderful mouth...and the wonderful taste of your cock...I am burnig of desire for licking your cock.. sucking it...feel it all in my mouth!

 It's hard to control this passion...but I don't know what you are feeling.. Take a deep breath...I know this is only a game...but IT IS NOT SO SIMPLY like I thought at first....It's a so hot game!

 The memory of your wonderful eyes and feeling your body so close to me ...making me so hot....and so wet too...

  I try to calm my sexual instinc...so i start to open the bottons of your shirt.. I start imagine you chest under you shirt...how much I would like to caress it! kiss it,licking it,losing me in it smell...feel it on my skin!

 My hormones are burning....oh baby! You are so sexy.. You are lucky man because I am trying to be good girl...and believe me.. my instinct of naughty
woman are telling me fucking you in this moment..  

There is a big fight inside me...but I know there is more possibility naughty woman will win...because in my mind there is only the word:LUST!

 I start to take your shirt off so slowly...as my hands almost touching your chest.. trying to imagine every centimeter of your chest...your arms...

 I take your belt off from your jeans,after i open the botton and the zip so slow.. so i get down your jeans so slowly through your legs...almost touching them... like a caress...trying imagine how they are...  

I kneel infront your boxer...my face is almost touching your cock.. you feel my breath through your boxer.. I would like caress it with my nose...I would like to feel its smell.. I would like kiss it...licking it..sucking it..feeling all his taste in my mouth!

 I try to get your boxer down ONLY with my teeth..I do it slowly.. enjoying this wonderful moment...losing myself in the smell of your skin I go around you..my face is soooo close of your wonderful ass I would like to kiss every cm of your ass...bite it so smooth!!! I would like touching with hands...caress it.. His smell is delicious...its like it tells me: prove me!

  A BIG TEMPTATION...IT IS HARD TO SAY NOT! So it's more hard of me ...and i give a little smooth bite to your ass!  

Inside me there is fire ....passion..I am burning of desire for you! I would like touch every cm of you body with my hands....imagining how is your body! there wouldn't be a problem fucking you without seeing you!! feeling your passion ... your hands...your mouth..your cock on me!

 This game make me HOTTER...and the problem is I don't know what you feel... You are shy ...I am shy... 

  so i ask you if you like to make another game.... I know maybe it's hotter than this game... but I CAN'T CONTROL ANYMORE THIS PASSION....THIS IMMENSE DESIRE OF YOU! 


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