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Erotic fantasy : A GOOD SLAVE

 One friend of you invite you a scottish party so tyou call me very exciting because you know i ‘m very curious about this kind of party. -hi my goddess!!

 A have a great surprise for you!!! A friend of me invited to a scottish party!!! Do you want to come ….with me? It’ ll be next 15 days -wow wonderful surprise! But….I have to thinking about it.after I’ll give my answer.

 I hung up.You are happy because there is a possibility your cruel owner’ll come with you at the party! You and your goddess at the party..... It look a dream!!!!

  After I week you didn’t have new about me.....you think : patience! After 12 days you calling me: -hi my goddess! How are you ?
  -fine -have you decided to going for the party?
-I don’t sure about it!! Maybe… I can come to the party!!
Come home for me ...we are going to shopping!! I need new a look !!! See you while 10 minutes!!

  I hung up. You can’t believe you and your owner go to shopping!!! Great!! .you think maybe that means she wants to go to the party!!! You take your car and come your goodees’s home.after I wait for me out home until I go out home and
enter in your car. we go to downtown,you parked your car and after you locked it and you give me your car’s key.

 we enter to a shop where sells shoes,then I take my time for choosing the shoes. When i go to sit down for prove them you kneel and take my shoes off and put in my feet my new shoes .i stand up and walking for prove them. I told you I buy them - I sit down ..so you take my new shoes off and putting in my feet my shoes.

  After we enter a shop of perfumes.then I take 3 little bottles of prove ,I sprinkle the first in my left hand ,the second in my right hand.the third in my neck. I start to smell the perfumes on my hands,but I’m undecided ...so I ask you to smell the perfums on me..

 you are very excited !! touch your goddess ‘s hands and to be so near of her neck !!! you think you are in paradise!!! You Start to smell very slow her hands and his neck,you would like to stop the time forever in this moment.
-I tell you :wake up!!! Which perfume do you think is better?

  -my goddess I think the perfume that is in your neck,it’s delicious!! -ok,I trusht on you. We go on to shopping.Every time we buy something you take the packages. We enter a boutique.and I like 3 dresses.then you take them and we go to the locker room to prove my dresses.you wait out

I tell you :come on and help me to open my zip of my dress. Then you enter and open very slow my zip,enjoy little by little what you see under the zip -thanks,you can go out!! After I go out.after a few minutes I get out and I watch the mirror! -great! You look very fantastic,my goddess.

I go to wear the other dress,after I come back in front the mirror. -you look very sexy,my lovely owner!! I go to wear the another dress,and after I come back to the mirror -you look sexy and elegant at the same time, my goddness!! After I go to wear my dress,you come with me because you have to get up my zip.you wait out until I tell you to enter for closing my zip.

 After I choose the last dresses that I proved.and we go on to shopping. After we enter a shop of lingerie ,I see a some very sexy tops and guepiere and sexy thongs,I then I want to prove them. Then I go to the locker room .

I see there is a mirror next to the locker room and I tell you come on,here there is a mirror.
-don’t forget,you must to opening the zip of my dress So you enter with me in the locker room and you start to open the zip imagining your owner in lingerie!!! and after get out and going next to mirror and thinking : woow! My goddess will let me see her in lingerie!! I can’t believe!!!! I’m dreaming,…. please nobody wake up me!!!

  After 15 minutes you think : patience!! She’s coming !! After 25 minutes you think: it’s only a question of minutes!!! After 35 minutes you listen you cellular.you see my number -what happen,my goddess? -come on ,you must to close the zip of my dress I hung up my cellular.you think : oh ,no!!! she teased me !! You come to me and close my zip. After got out of the shop.

 I tell you : i’m thirsty,let’s go to the bar. You think : wonderfult!! Me and my owner together to drink something in a bar!! We walking to the bar I stop some meters before bar.

  -I’ll enter to the bar,you can wait for me here or can go in that shop that is in front of here. When I come here you must to be here!!! I remind you the rules of my generosity about time. -If you come late 3-5 minutes ,I’ll spank you -If you came late 5-10 minutes ,I’ll whip you -If you come late after ten minutes I take your car ,go to my home.

I’ll give you your car after a week.,but before I’ll spank and whipping you!! After I go to the bar.you wait 15 minutes,after you decided to go the shop for lose time,while you wathching things you see the place where you must to meet me After 1 hour I come back and you got out immediately of the shop and coming to me

 You tell me : my godness,I’m thirsty too -I tell you : Ok, let’s go to the next bar. We walked until to find another bar.i stop to walking some meters before the bar. -it happened something wonderful in the bar than make me so happy so I'll will so generous with you…,then you have…. 5 minutes for you drink...no more!! I go the that shop than you go while I was to the bar,after 5 minutes you must to get me at the shop. Remind you my generous rules of time!!!  

You come to me on time so we go on to walking and we see a sex shop I tell you : wait for me ,here .i’m come back soon -today I ‘m so happy, and you was so kind to invite me to that scottish party …so I think you deserve a gift

 I enter to sex shop You think :great!!! Maybe she ‘ll buy an excite thig for me!! After a while i get out and we go to home.we enter to my home. -give me the bag of sex shop the rest of the packages you must to put in to my bedroom and take my slippers

when you come back with my slippers you find me sit down in sofa in living room you come to me and drop to your knees in front to me and start to take my shoes off of my feet,after you start to massage my feet - great good slave ...we must to talk I take the sex shop’s bag and I show you a package!! -I bought this thinking about you!!!

You look at the package.i start to open it….after I take out a… chastity belt  

You told me :thanks so much my goddess…you are so great to think about your slave I told you : good slave we can’t go to the party and you must to come here that day to cook at this home…  
You thinking . great!!! We’ll be together for supper at her home!! And if she buy a chastity belt means we are going to play together!!! I see your eyes bright of emotipns and i tell you: -don’t think wrong ideas good slave!! I met a wonderful man at the bar!! He’ll come home in the same day of the partyand you must to come home too...I want you cooking dishes for us!!!...so start to think something so nice for supper for us ....you will wear your new chastity belt that day!  

Now your goddness give you something than you love it so much... vanilla swiss almond ice cream! You can't belive it... your goddess remember your favorite flavour... So you must to lie on the sofa... I will put the ice cream in your lips...I will eat it so slow on your lips .... and If you try to eat it ....I will punish you! end of first part .....

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