sabato 17 gennaio 2015

Erotic fantasy: I am burning for you

italian cooking class

I invite you to a italian cooking class to my home.
When You play the bell I feel a shiver all over my body...
my heart start beating  fast.....
You can not imagine how much control i must to have on myself for control this big desire of you!

I take a big breath..and I try to ignore this big emotion.

So when you enter home you are little surprised because i wear only an apron,a sexy tanga and stockings and high heels.

When I see your wonderful eyes and your sensual lips....oh la la....I feel my pussy is getting wet and hot..
You are the temptation in person!
If I could ..I would  kiss you and fuck you in this instant...in my
mind cames a lot imagines about the way  I would fuck you...
oh yes.....this desire of fucking you is hard to control!

You watch me how asking ....what are you thinking?
I hope you can not guess my thoughts....you are here for kitchen class...
not for fuck...but a hot latinoamerican fucking class i could teach you!
It would be the best class of your life and I am sure you won't never forget it!

I try to have control of myself....so i tell you ..i must  give you an apron so you can not get dirty your clothes while you cook.
You look me like say...are you sure you are thinking about that?
I became red....I tell you : Sure! Let's go kitchen

I bend over to open a drawer (the lowest)...My body has a angle 90° ....(I love this sex position!)...
While i looking for an apron in this drawer....I imagine you fucking me fast.deep in this position...i think you are a man so passional and hot!
but you are a gentleman too....

The way you are looking me...it's like asking ...are you provating me?
I take an apron and give you...I go to bathroom.....I need to be more relax and stop to thinking fucking you!

I make some big breath at the bathroom.....i feel so confused....I dont understand why my behave is in this way!i
It's only a kitchen class....NO sex class........
So I come back kitchen...

You wear only the apron,your tight boxer and your shoes....
You smile me when you watch me come back....

Oh my god...i dont if you  know how much sexy you are!
you have a so wonderful body.........and i imagine how much warm and soft can be your skin!
How much you can be strong?.....and how you can be in bed?!

Maybe for you see naked people is normal....
i have never pay attention naked body or muscles in my life....for me it have been only anatomy..bodies.

the big problem is  this is your perfect body..........and you are a man full of passion!
wow..how much it can be exciting be inside your big arms...feeling your power,your warm and softness of your skin!
oh la la..I am sureyou are tiger in the bed.......

my hornones start burning of desire of you....my pussy wants you!
why are you naughty? why are you so beautiful like sun? 
You are the sun in winter in your country!
When you smile me ..its like i see the sun in midnight...but you this dont understand ....because you see the sun at midnight on summer!

It's hard have control on myself....you are super sexy!
I am human with fire in my veins..full of hormones that are burning for you..

i put my hand in my front and it get down so slow on my face like a caress..and it get down slowly on my neck on my chest... (thiking if my hand were your hand caressing me...what a wonderful pleasure!
I said : uff..here it so hot!


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