domenica 18 gennaio 2015

Erotic Fantasy : You ... a wonderful mystery!

I am so exciting...i am driving my car airpot for pick you up.... in my mind there are a lot naughty and hot thoughts about you! my heart is beating so fast...my blood is burning... insime me there is a big desire of you... it is growing more and more every minute...  

I can't control this emotion .....so I try to take a deep breath for being more calm.... your deep look of your eyes are in my mind...it's making me crazy... and the thought of your lips wake up the naughty and hot devil that is in me.... i am listing your sensual and hot voice in my iphone constantly... I want you baby.....I am really crazy for you.....In my mind there is only this thought:YOU!

I am so nervuos....I have been waiting for this moment so much.... every time i have seen you by cam it was so nice and exciting moment...but now you will be infront to me!! I don't know if I will have control of my emotions....

my desire of you...my mouth want to kiss your lips and I would likt to lose myself in the pleasure of you mouth.....my arms want to hug you so strong and
feel your body next to me....my hands want to caress your body...my nose wants to know the smell of your skin.... my tongue desires so much lick every cm of your body......I only want to enjoy you so much... my racional mind is over!

 I see you comin in to me....you have a wonderful smile...it makes jumping my heart..... I smile to you too....I try to take deep breath for not lose control ..... insime me there is a lot emotions...I would like to run to you...hug you kiss you ...and if it would be possible I would like to make you love with you in this moment! But I can't do it ...only for one reason....I DON'T KNOW IF YOU LIKE ME...

  You are here ...it's wonderful ....You are real.... You look so great...so nice! A wonderful temptation!

I am red for the emotion of see you in person.... See your wonderful eyes is fantastic....but I only saw them for few seconds...I don't want you find out how much I am so exciting for you! Inside me there is a big curiosity of look your lips....so i look them so fast....one second! oh that second makes me burning more the desire of you! You can't imagine how much it's hard to have control of myself!!

 Desire or respect? I take a big deep breath ....HOW MUCH IT'S HARD to respect you when my body is burning of desire for you!!!

  I greet you,i give you my hand and kiss your cheek....feeling your hand and your cheek ...making me so exciting!! I didn't know how much you presence could make me so hot!!! 

insieme me there is a vulkan in eruption!!

 I show you some hotels and the city...so you can choose what hotel is better for you.. When we are in the city we go to drink something

  I tell you I would like to give you a present...It was so nice of you taking a fligh for visit me. You look at me with malice and asking me:what kind of present do you want to give me? I would like to buy you nice underware clothes...and if is it possibile I can help you to wear it!

You think about it for few minutes...and after you tell me its ok

 So we go to a shop and we choose your underwear When you're entering the dressing room you see I'm coming in ...

 You look at me like asking me : What are you doing here ?
  I'm smiling you and I tell you I told you I want to buy your underwear but I'd like to help to wear it to you!

  I'm in front of you .... I start to open the first button on your shirt .. You look at me like asking me:are you going to be a good girl? I tell you:relax...don't worry...Trust in me...I am not a naughty girl wherever.. I think :if I want to be naughty girl I can invite you in my home or I can go to your hotel! You look a little thoughtful and then you tell me its ok Wow I can not believe it !
 Now I'll try to make you feel a little emotion in your body!

 I'm in front of you .. very close of you... my lips almost touch yours ... I'd like to kiss you ! some words of a song come in my mind: Kiss your mouth is an adventure where I do pirouettes and start to fall kiss your mouth is playing and losing! I am crazy so much for kissing your lips and find out the taste of your mouth... I'd like to lose my soul in the warmth of your kisses ! I close my eyes and try to control this immense passion for you ... this mad desire for making you love ..  

Try to focus myself on taking your shirt off....I start slowly unbuttoning your shirt ... every time I open a botton its so exciting for me seeing what I can find out! After I've unbuttoned your shirt...I take it off so slowly... my fingers almost touching your chest .. your arms ... as if it were a caress ..

 I don't look into your eyes .. I don't want you to find out how much I am excited to see your chest... your chest is wonderful! I would like feel your bare skin on my bare skin! I try again to control my instincts ... my wishes ... I take underware t-shirt and it put on you slowly....my fingers almost touch your skin.. like a caress! a caress that touches something very beautiful .. and forbidden!

 Now I'll take your jeans off... I am so curious about your thighs ... how are they? So I open the zip of your jeans.....and getting your jeans down so slow...I 'm super excited ... like a kid who takes away the wrapping paper to her gift ... and want to discoverd what is her gift! Under your jeans there much to discover ! ... your side A and your side B! It would be more easy discovered them if you weren't used underware!

 While I get your jeans down slowly .... I discover your wonderful thighs...they're fantastic .. I would like kiss them ... I have them very close to me .. I go on to getting your jeans down slowly until find out your calves..they are so nice too..  

Now its time to take your boxer off... I'll be so calm I want to enjoy so much time in both sides:side A and side B. . I want to enjoy every inch of your skin ... lost myself in the smell of your body ... the thought of the warmth of your body make me so hottest and horney!

 I can't look forever your side A and side B! .. I have a feeling that you begin to doubt my good intentions ! In fact I look me and tell me:Don't think that I put away the boxer! You only can put the slip on my boxer ..  

So I take the slip and get it up slowly through your calves ... your thighs .. almost touching them with my fingers ... like a caress of a hidden desire ...

  I don't know if it was right or not take your clothes off ... I don't have the courage to look you in your eyes ... I don't want to see the crazy desire I have of you!

 My passion for you is becoming hotter and more immense ... it's like putting fuel on the fire! But no matter if I'm burning ... it was a wonderful experience..I don't regret it... I'd like to take you to my bed ... totally undress ... cherish every inch of your body .. oh yeah .. my mouth all over your body .. exploring your skin ...losing myself in paradise in your mouth .. your body .but these emotions I can't tell you...because I don't know if you like me!

 You look at me and ask me : Do you want some water ? I look you and I say: non I'm thirsty ... even if I think ... I have a thirst for your kiss ... your touch ... your body !
  You smile at me and tell me : And who said that you should drink?
 A cold water shower!

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